Products Powering Live

Our goal is simple: give fans simple and fair access to unforgettable live events.

This is true for our client-facing products (Enterprise) as well as fan-focused sites and apps (Marketplace). Whether you're signing in to create the next unforgettable event or to snag tickets to your next epic show, you should know that you're getting the trust and reliability that only comes from using Ticketmaster.

Cohesive Design

We’re all Ticketmaster - our separate parts should add up to one consistent whole. Anyone interacting with our products, at any point in the live event journey, should always enjoy the same welcoming personality and memorable experience.

We’ve developed a cohesive design system that provides consistent, compelling interactions across all platforms. This new system is flexible enough to account for a broad set of uses and helps us work together to create a unified experience for all users within the Ticketmaster ecosystem.

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Powering Parallel Journeys

We serve two audiences, those who power live events and the fans experiencing those unforgettable moments. This creates a challenge when creating a cohesive experience for Enterprise and Marketplace users.

Our design system bridges this gap by incorporating a human, inspiring tone within our client-facing products, which too often can come off as highly-targeted and utilitarian. Our clients and event partners are people too - and without them, there is no “live.”

On the flip side, our consumer experiences will naturally feel more expressive and emotional, but we strive to remind audiences of the bottom-line effectiveness of our products. We provide simple-to-use services and are a trustworthy partner when going “live.”

Our Product Design Principles

These represent the key values we strive for within our product experiences and articulate the fundamental goals that all design decisions are measured against:

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Keep it simple, direct, and efficient, “shortcutting the system” when possible.
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Designs should feel well-crafted, comprehensive, and consistent across seams.
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Create with the user in mind. Understand their context and anticipate their desires and intentions.
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Be adaptive and flexible. Guide users through a holistic journey that never leads to dead ends.
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Our product experiences are inviting, accessible, and ensure the users always feel in control.