Bringing Our Brand to Life

This living brand book provides comprehensive concepts and assets that make up our brand: brand strategy, brand voice and visual identity.

The Ticketmaster audience is incredibly diverse — from fans seeking unforgettable moments to the artists, teams, and event creators who are powering incredible live events, to Ticketmaster employees and the industry at large. And within that diversity, the commonality is the passion, joy and excitement of being at a live event — or being a part of putting on a live event.

Those amazing, unforgettable, magical moments that are never the same from one night to the next — and it’s Ticketmaster’s mission to make that connection between fans and the artists, teams and performers they love. The power of our brand lies in that connection point.

Using the Ticketmaster Brand Assets

Ticketmaster’s visual identity has 4 key elements. When applied consistently they create a vibrant and distinctive look. These principles guide the creation of product experiences, educational content and marketing creative.

Logo and wordmark image

Logo & Wordmark

The Ticketmaster wordmark is an essential expression of our brand identity. Each character has become globally recognized and none so much as the opening “T.”

Logo Assets and Usage Guidelines
Color Palette image

Color Palette

Ticketmaster has always been rooted in deep blues and we continue this tradition with Azure. Paired with an expanded palette inspired by the northern lights, bright blues, and rich purples display a brilliant array of color and energy capturing the energy of being live.

Color Palette and Usage Guidelines
product overview image


Our typeface brilliantly encapsulates the brand personality with geometric rounds, open apertures, and its low contrast strokes that express a straightforward tone resulting in a modernist, neutral and friendly typeface.

Font and Usage Guidelines
Messaging And Language image

Messaging & Language

Since we are talking to people from all walks of life, we have an opportunity to humanize our brand through a filter and personality that can resonate across all audiences. At our core, we are always guided by our vision of connecting fans with unforgettable live experiences and our language.

Voice & Tone Guidelines